We post articles on social theory, religion/spirituality, social change, contemporary American and global politics and economics, ecology, culture, psychology, and Israel/Palestine. What we look for in such pieces are perspectives that interrogate the politics of their subject matter in ways which both advance the pursuit of tikkun olam — social justice and the repair of the world — and break down issues of contemporary concern in completely new and thoughtful ways. We support a progressive spirituality, but we welcome ideas that challenge established orthodoxies in all spheres of thought and all conceptions of politics, including challenging progressive politics. We also challenge “common sense” and every form of “being realistic” and welcome the most utopian ideas and the uncovering and challenging aspects of thought, culture, or social organization that have convinced people that our world cannot be reconstructed on the basis of love, generosity, nonviolence, social justice, caring for nature, and awe and wonder at the grandeur of the universe.
While much of our content comes from regular contributors with whom we’ve had longstanding relationships, we welcome unsolicited poetry and article submissions, which we consider for publication for Tikkun’s website www.tikkun.org.
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Fiction submissions do require a $3 submission fee. Nonfiction and poetry submissions are free.   
We request that all unsolicited submissions to Tikkun be exclusive (if your article is under consideration elsewhere, or will be, please don't send it). If you haven't heard from us in six months, please assume that although we've not formally declined your submission, you are free to send it elsewhere. If after six months your article becomes of interest to Tikkun, we'll write to inquire about its availability.   
If your contribution addresses something that is timely, e.g. a social, political or economic development that would likely be irrelevant 6 months from now, please send a copy to alden@tikkun.org instead of uploading it here.  If you don't hear back from Alden in two weeks, assume that it will not be used and feel free to send it elsewhere. We do not have enough staff to give feedback or explanations for why we are not using any given submission. If you'd like to volunteer time at Tikkun, so that we might have more editorial capacities, apply at:  http://www.tikkun.org/nextgen/jobs-internships.

Every feature submitted to Tikkun must be between 800 and 2,400 words in length. We do take longer articles occasionally if they are so tightly argued there is no fluff and no way to make their insightful points more briefly. We do not take articles that have appeared in print elsewhere in the U.S. or on the web. All article submissions will be considered for publication either on the web or in print.

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Works of fiction must be under 3,000 words to be published in the print magazine. While we have no set lengths for web pieces, works over 5000 words will have to be especially impressive to warrant publication. Novel excerpts are fine provided that they can stand alone.

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